Time for Change

NEWS:  AFL-CIO of Mass ENDORSES DEB RUDOLF on behalf of its 400,000 Members.

Never has it been more important to elect leaders with personal integrity, openness to discussion, and commitment to the people. Deb Rudolf is all those things. She is not a career politician. She is not indebted to special interests. She is deeply concerned for the well being and security of her neighbors in Plymouth and Barnstable. She has the courage to lead with real solutions, not political posturing.

Deb Rudolf is running against a 19-year political partisan who has consistently earned low or failing grades from teachers, union workers, women’s advocates, and equality advocates. He earns high grades from the National Rifle Association and big business. Bluntly–he is guided by vested interests and personal bias. He is a Trump Republican who has failed to separate himself from the abysmal, illegal activities of the White House.

Who will represent you? The choice is clear. Elect Deb Rudolf Massachusetts State Senator for the Plymouth/Barnstable District serving Bourne, Falmouth, Kingston, Pembroke, Plymouth, and Sandwich.

Deb Rudolf stands for:

  • FAIR FISCAL POLICY.  Deb believes in an innovative legislative process to create opportunities for all.  Working cross-agency and seeing that the towns she serves are served.
  • SECURE WELL BEING. Deb will be a voice for the underserved and unprotected who have been left behind. She will make children and families a cornerstone of her work. Education and health care must meet the needs of all.
  • GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT. Deb believes that when communities and local businesses thrive, we all benefit. She will promote thoughtful, sound, job-producing growth.
  • OPEN GOVERNMENT. Deb will fight monied interest and PACs that seek to disrupt true leadership. She believes that your vote matters.

Deb Rudolf is a leader of high integrity who has “walked the walk” and lived the challenges facing all of us. You can trust her to get the job done as State Senator for Plymouth and Barnstable Counties. As a small business owner, mediator, educator, respected attorney, and active member of the community she’s committed to service to others.

I want to bring respectful discourse back to politics while vigorously representing the real needs of the people. It is time for the people of Plymouth and Barnstable to have a strong voice that is not hampered by politics.”